How Buying a Home is Like Finding the Perfect Shoe

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The adage “one shoe fits all” does not work when buying a home.  It doesn’t work when shoe shopping, either, for that matter!  Homes, like shoes, are very personal, and often emotionally-based purchases. Try as they might to create a home that will meet every need and every taste, home builders are aware that it…Read More »

Americans Still Prefer Buying a Home to Renting

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Owning a home still has more appeal than renting for Americans, according to Fannie Mae. A sign of stability, safety, family and community, home ownership is an essential component of the “American Dream” of success and happiness and has been for many generations. The recent National Housing Survey (Q4, 2011) conducted by Fannie Mae found…Read More »

Getting the Best Appraisal When For Your Home For Sale

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A key aspect of the home buying and selling process is obtaining a home appraisal.  A home appraisal is secured to estimate market value and can be quite complex. Recently there has been a change in the home appraisal process, resulting in more regulation, so work with your lender to confirm you have an experienced…Read More »